PvP Tundra

Hello! I am trying to provide some constructive feedback here where I think if not taken this game will remain unbalanced and fall short from its potential. On the Q&A it was said that pvp is being focused on (wahoo/thank god) and the additional realm is being focused on. After that realm is being done Tundra follows (think its tundra). Anyways, one of the key mistakes in this game so far (granted its not complete) is that there is almost no PVE/PVP crossover. I think that no GM tomes should drop in a safe zone. So Lord Barkus wouldn't drop GM tomes. If you are in the end game territory you should be in the RISKY part of the game. You are familiar and rooted in the game at this point. Currently really only Cultis and Dragon are the only PVE/PVP crossover. Tundra is the perfect place to really expand this and create some awesome loot drop to draw experienced PVE people. IT SHOULD NOT BE A SAFE ZONE. The game is way too silo'd and there has to be some gray area/cross over between pvp/pve. There is nothing better than banding together with a few blues and killing a red PK when getting ganked. Without this sort of risk/spirited/awesome environment I think this game will be stale. We have got to create a truly more 'wild' environment. Everything is way too tame.

I have to follow up with one more point. I think this games success is completely rooted in the niche type of game that it can be--like UO. Which is a certain type of wildness that cannot be found in the streamlined hand holding MMOs that are offered elsewhere. We have got to get this game back to a more wild state and just focusing on another PvP realm really isn't going to get us there in my opinion. We have got to have cross over between PvP and PvE and there has to be a correct incentive structure in place for that. I don't think skulls for catacombs should be able to be farmed in safe zones and i dont think GM tomes should be dropped in safe zones. I honestly dont think master tomes should be dropped in safe zones but I realize devs won't heed that request probably so I won't argue it. There needs to be an arch and scale to this game. Not this silo'd approach.
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