Different types of Ore, Leather, and Wood do not give any real difference other than durability. This really takes away from the need/want to use more powerful items in pvp. When I leave town on my mage I am always wearing cloth armor because its the same thing as Silk, Silk should give more benefits maybe reduced damage vs spells, where quilted is better vs melee, and regular cloth gives just base armor. Different types of ore/wood should give more benefits, now they are all the same except durability. This is a huge mistake and really should push different types for different things.

Certain classes do not have a weapon to equip that gives them inherent protection. Mages can wear spellbooks based on their evocation skill to see if a melee hits them. Bard and Tamers do not have a weapon/item to equip that gives them the same bonus. This means that they are hit nearly 100% of the time vs any high level mobs, which in turn makes them very squishy targets vs any melee characters. Tamers should get the benefit of inherent defense wearing a crook, and bards any instrument.

Those are my two pieces of feedback.
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