New update 8 suggestions

I guess on an upside, they are kind of listening to their community i.e. introducing runebooks with the built-in feature of the recall spell. The new macro system does seem intriguing to say the least.

Now, to talk about the part they mentioned but stated in a later update: New Content...

I think they should introduce a new raid type of dungeon where it makes the tank build more useful. Such as, bring 1 tank, heals and dps. Now to make this work they need to address and fix the pathfinding issue with mobs. You can drag a mob behind a pillar and get it stuck if you los at the right time. Secondly, make the mobs more difficult to kill and cluster them in a group formation so when you pull 1 you pull all mobs within the area. Introduce sets of armor for this raid dungeon. Combining 2 pieces and then 4 pieces introduce a bonus to the set. Tank, healer, mage/archery/melee bonuses. Killing random mobs in a random dungeon to just farm is absolute for a mmo. It's fine to have dungeons for such things, but, this game really needs a raid type dungeon for a better overall experience.

Also for the love of god bring back mounted combat while in the wilderness. It's fine to have you dismount in duneons but in the wild no reason to remove it.


  • They actually stated that they are doing something like that in the last Q&A.

    Threat mechanics are in.
    Updated AI (so i guess pathfinding too) is in.
    Increased reliance on tanks is in.

    Set bonuses are no go. We don't need sets (especially if they are not craftable) that put you on a certain class archetype.
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