Lately Taming change

maybe the one or other tamer notice a change at the taming mechanic.
You NEED to have line of sight to the target/animal you want to tame.
Hiding behind tree's or corner's and tame from that location don't work anymore.
That was a common tactic, since you can't outrun hunter spiders and wyvern got a large range+spells which made taming without these tactic a very dangerous task.

But hey you have 5 taming slot's and the big animal's just need 4.
So tame a grizzly/crocodile, let the wyvern aggro on that animal, then park that animal behind the tree/corner like before.
Then you can tame the wyvern from behind at large distance.
Alternativ you can have a friend take the grizzly's place or a 2.account.

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