So, finally tamed my first Dread. Let me say I am really disappointed.

What is the purpose? It looks fairly cool but it prevents you from having other animals for fights, since it occupies 4 animal taming slots.

Compared to Wyvern, the Dread really sucks as it haves something like half the Wyvern Hit Points and it seems it does not hit as hard. So why would I want a Horse that prevents me to have a better animal for fighting? Just because of the looks? "Hey, look everyone, I have a horse with red eyes, I can walk around with it but now I cannot play the game properly anymore" since I am a animal tamer but my animal gets killed fairly quick."

Resuming, with Wyverns, I can solo most dungeons, with Dread I cannot. So why should I take it in the first place? I would love to use my mount as my fighting beast but not like this. In this case, it would make more sense just to make them a normal mount or at least the possibility to dismiss to stable so I can get a wyvern without releasing the Dread..


  • Having tamed many Dreads, yes they are in fact an esthetic piece, though everything compared to the Wyvern is.

    If you could put saddle bags on the Dread it would see some use, but sadly that is not allowed.
  • Once they removed mounted combat they became as useful as wallpaper
  • When you put a saddle on them, they are so useful/less like Llama/Great bears.
    But if they just would use 1 spot instead of 4, they would be great.
  • Made a post like this quite some time ago. They're useless and it makes no sense. Especially when they're harder to tame than Wyverns.

    Hell, make them consume 1 slot, reduce their attack power, but allow them to cast spells. Like a true Nightmare/Dread.
  • They still having skeletons bleeding, so... i don't know maybe you are talking scifi there
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