What ethereal mountain should have been...

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My friend ceryn and I had a chit chat and we came up with what our dream clustering would have been. It honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense to take two heavily declining servers and smash them together with double the land mass and Zero difference.

Trammel and Felucca

One server should have been set to current rules and boundaries and the other set to full wilderness boundaries. In essence Felucca and Trammel. Simple and obvious, yes.

But how do they pick?

Easy, turn the unlocking event into a race for power. Every time you turn in relic fragments you get to vote on felucca or trammel for your server. Whichever server unlocks first gets their majority pick. The runner up is set to the opposite. Now it’s a race between servers and the players on those servers. You want your server to become the pvp side? Better wake all of your pk friends and get them to log back in to farm...

One last nit pick - Epic world event

To be fair there was practically zero lore integration in dead gate launch. No world on fire style event like we experienced back in UO (remember the zog cabal?). There should have been a little something... anything really. Special monsters taking over your regular camps? Drakes and snake ladies spawning in towns? Anything...


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    Tram/Fel idea is amazing.

    I do agree with the lore for the epic event -- there was zero hype for it; it should have been much larger and more involved; hell, it could have gotten people on other server to make chars just to participate if it were organized better. The game really needs some form of community engagement -- Regular RP events, pvp tournaments, anything.

    As it stands, players barely chat in-game, so it's hard to get player-run events going. There's issues with crafting and the economy overall that don't encourage reliance on other players; just make a crafting mule and you're self-sustainable. Having CS-run events would encourage the community to put on their own. After some time, they could introduce a volunteer GM/EM/Counselor system like in UO (with proper vetting, of course, as I'm well aware of all the abuse that went on with GM's and Counselors in UO) where they can put on events or engage with players in an "official" capacity.
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    Why so complicated...

    Now, when they build port for 2 servers, it looks that the best idea should be to make one server pve and one pvp and use gates events for travels between (gates should be open for specific time to make it more intresting).
    pvp one may get marginaly better chance for loot and thats all.
    Ofc in this idea we need second EU server, but it shouldnt be problem.
    And EU would get more events... finally!
    And each group of players (PvP/PvE) will be happy :)

    For better ECONOMY balance between worlds there should be some kind of restriction or TAX (high one) for belongings/items which you want to send/take with you for other side!
  • @anori which part do you find too complicated? I'm essentially talking about the same thing as you. The only difference is that I suggested a gate opening mechanic that involved the community more and allowed for a vote.

    The end result is the same, Felucca and Trammel with double resources and unique materials on the felucca side.
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