Issue with pack horse vs mounted

Good morning,

I am trouble using my tamed horses as pack animals. I can mount/dismount with no issue but I have no idea how to summon them to use as a pack animal. The three I currently possess have saddlebags on them. Do I need to take the statue out of my backpack? I have used the "all follow me" command.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Althur Borion
Amber Moon


  • Pack animals, once dismissed, have to be retrieved from a stable.
  • Hi Squid,

    Thanks for the response. The issue I am dealing with is the horse with the saddlebag is in my backpack, and when I try to summon it, it becomes my mount. How do I summon my mount and summon the other "bagged" horses from my backpack?

    Althur Borion
    Amber Moon
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    Horses with saddlebags (pack horses) do not become a statue when dismissed, they goto the stable.

    The statue that you have in your backpack is a regular saddled horse.
  • Only tamed horses can be made pack horses now. any purchased horse from stablemaster is only for riding
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