PVP Vs, PKers

People say PVP is dead. Factions seem alive and well . If you think PVP is dead maybe you should join an opposing Faction . Every one can not be in the same Faction and expect PVP . I see far more Fire than anything else . If you are in Fire and think PVP is dead I suggest you try another faction . Or perhaps once you reach a certain rank there could be a game mechanic to automatically move you to another faction cycling through the other two. Just a thought .
PKers You seem intent on ruining peoples fun . This is a game If you enjoy be a bully go fly a kite as far as most people are concerned . No one wants to be killed and killed and killed because you think it amusing . You wonder why people don't come to the wilderness so you can kill and rob them over and over ? I would think that would be obvious . People don't want to give you their hard won belongings . I really wish the devs could fix it so we never had to see you . I am hoping they do .
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