Shortening hiding cooldown on failure (or in general)

It seems a bit harsh to wait the full "cannot hide" cooldown when an attempt fails.

I get that it's to prevent spamming attempts, so I'm not suggesting entirely removing the cooldown for failed attempts, just shortening it in cases that wouldn't make a new attempt more difficult.

Here's a scenario: A player is running through the woods with no aggro and decides to hide, but fails because a chicken happens to be behind a tree. They should be able to attempt again after a brief cooldown, instead of the current longer cooldown.

Now a different scenario: A player has been recently targeted by mobs or players, which should make hiding more difficult. The current longer timer (or a medium length timer) makes sense for this situation because there may be a trail of bloody footprints or whatever.

Final scenario: A player is revealed by another player, mob, or AoE attack. This should also trigger the current longer timer, since being found is the ultimate failure for hiding.

That's it, a minor adjustment to hiding cooldown(s) that would seem likely to improve the feel of the game.

PS: Another way to go about it might be to create some multiplier for the difficulty of the scene (proximity to other objects, if player is being targeted, if player is injured, etc) and apply that to the dice-roll for hiding attempts and/or the cooldown. This may be the more elegant solution than taking a one-size-fits-all and turning it into three-size-fits-all.
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