Where can I be PKed? (Please someone tell me)

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I am sorry if this is a dumb question but the PvP article (https://www.legendsofaria.com/feature-spotlight-ruleset-changes/) confuses me. I am actually an original UO player (yes I AM that old) and remember constantly being griefed by PKers while simply trying to gather resources for my crafting. Nothing like loosing hours of for work.
In LoA, if I am not part of a guild or alliance, will I still be able to be hunted and robbed outside of the Oasis and Barren Lands?


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    You can be PKed at the Wilderness.
    Below the minimap is the zone name, when there is a red text Wilderness.
    And yes Barren Land's is completly wilderness beside the town.
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    Ok thank you SO much!
  • Just stay away from the barren lands and you will be fine.
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