All US Servers down?

I got booted, didn't see a message, and the servers haven't shown back up for a long time. Also homepage is very slow.


  • Looks like it. I only see EU right now.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    Sure hope our holiday gift isn't s DoS attack
  • LOL, yeah. Just saw they have a notice saying "There is currently an issue with our ISP which is causing some of our servers to be out of action. We hope to see the issue resolved and have the servers up and running asap!"
  • Is there no auto-reboot after a crash or is this a more serious problem? Surely there is someone that at least periodically checks to see if the servers need to be booted.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    Well like Terri said the message on the forum header says they are working on it. I'm sure they are just as upset as we are.
  • Not only the official US server are gone, some of the community server are gone too.
    Only european ones are up.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    (wonders how fast she can learn French)
  • Somebody forgot to pay the bill.
  • Hey guys, great time to have the servers down.. 3 day weekend for most people and its been down for atleast 4 hours already.. how about maybe a status update?
  • Its up
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