Red Issues

I strongly believe Reds should only be allowed in the wilderness . They have chosen to be PKers, murderers if you will . If they want to play outside the wilderness let them roll law abiding none murdering blues . Being a Pker in game should have consequences . It does in every other situation I know of . It did well before the steam release , there were consequences to being a red and there still should be . If they want PVP they can faction on Blue characters with others who also wish to PVP . Well before this last rule set change according to what I read C.S. was opposed to greifing and bullying . By far the majority of Reds I see fall into the Bully category . I understand I can report them in game , but is the point when I simply shouldn't have to see them . I understand they bought a copy of the game and have a right to play as I do . I am not saying kick them out just regulate them to their spot .
I am okay with an additional one time reprieve if they can behave like civilized human beings in game , but only 1 time and if reported and found guilty then sentenced to roam the sands .
With all of the taunts, jabs and put downs I see I am amazed that more people are not in here saying the same thing . Perhaps they( the other blue players ) believe ignoring the problem will make it go away . I personally believe it will only get worse as time goes on . I suspect they are bored as there are many things to do in game besides go to Oasis and let them kill and rob you . It is my belief that this is why they are doing all they can to adversely affect game play in the protected zones which are much larger .Hence my solution of banning those characters back to the barrens . Let them interact with others who are hungry for blood and kill one another .
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