Stealth - any good for combat?

This skill seems poorly implemented for combat - it is a % skill that is just about worthless during its leveling process, takes 2 skill slots for something which relies on a one-trick stab deal where a couple of bow-shots would do the same or more - without the instant response of the melee creatures...
Is it super-duper once get it to 100? Even if so, really poor idea to make this so weak during leveling - couldn't it just have duration or be an escape only [no attacks] up until 60 - so you can't attack but can do a runner stealthily if you burn the dash ability to get distance?
Just interested as I am intent on trying it out but at 70 hide and 67 stealth is still absolute tosh.I managed to get the stab on a troll - I did miniscule damage with my poinard and it immediately responded [at the same time I hit] with a stunning hit and stunned me...just seemed extremely underwhelming for the amount of set up and risk involved...light armour without shield has to walk into combat [aren't we beyond slow stealths?] and can miss the attack and reveal, hit and do average warbow or low mage spell damage and then what? Run to get far enough away from everything to do it again?
I hear it was nerfed as lancer builds were too strong - what is too strong in this game? I cant kill anything without using lots of bandages in melee to a comical extent - basically cooldown bandaging and the one stealth hit seems pretty rubbish as a straight 200% - perhaps if poinards lessened armour for this blow might be better or caused some bleed also but seems pretty weak to me as a new player.
Am I just ignorant of the potential and will change my mind at 100? I won't change my mind about how rubbish the journey to higher skill has been that's for sure.
Looking for enlightenment...


  • A archer-stealth character was rather fun for me, (as a non pvper), before the Steam changes. Now, it's terrible and unplayable. Hopefully it will get attention soon, because a whole type of play is now wretchedly wrecked for a good number of folks who like these two skills.
  • MofakaMofaka United States
    The reason why stealth/hiding was not a single skill was due to imposing some cost on it.
    A fear being, at 100 pts, everyone would snag it. Truth be told, that's probably true.

    The problem as I see it...
    Stealth is nearly completely worthless until GM.
    You can barely move before you unpredictably fall out.
    If you were only revealed when the bar emptied, and its size was dictated by skill (2 steps per 10 skill, so always 2 bars)
    Then it would be practical to run with lower levels of this, and it would be more useful at lower skill levels. This is a much better, and more intuitive mechanic.

    I think the issues you are having with combat, are based on how marshall skills perform, and most specifically melee.

    Ranged combat has huge advantages over melee, in DPS uptime.
    Even if you were to balance the DPS, a Melee combatant cannot remain in combat with an NPC due to their inability to absorb damage. Even with abilities like vanguard, its on a timer. So PVE grind is not really the place for melee. PVP is so terribly broken for marshall right now, its a joke.
    Mages are the only viable PVP and PVE builds right now.
    There is literally nothing a mashall character can do, that the mage cannot do better.
    (You could argue archer has more dps uptime/output than a mage, but the mage is more survivable, and flexible)

    I think some of the balance issues, and specifically when you say "lancer was too strong" were due to PVP.
    Much of this was due to some tamer combos that are gone, or the double stab you could pull off with vanish. Plus, people just dislike being at half life and getting ganked by a stealther.
  • Thanks for the answers seems they need to limit stealth in a more creative way such as armour or weapon use so just grabbing it is counterproductive for certain builds in the way armour is for mages mana regeneration - make it stamina based maybe to limit use of stabs as use all the stamina up getting to people if not using daggers and wearing light armour say (which lessen stamina use whereas larger weapons and heavier armour penalise) The skill level could then affect stamina use rather than ‘I’m not hidden’ chance making it useful at less than 100 skill but improving as you go up and Can choose to heavy armour it but not as good like a mage can with their kit so extremely limiting but not forbidding.
    Still sounds like a whole rake of skills and systems need revamp not just attention. If martial skills, armour and recovery are half baked then stealth balancing is least of the worries. I hope they start being more creative - Does the community have any other potential solutions for how skills could be improved and are they considered at all? Anyway thanks for your input both:-)
  • MofakaMofaka United States
    A lot of suggestions are made both within the suggestion section and in general.
    Im sure they are read, but I've not seen any of the bigger ideas used.

    Most of the "change" that we see is when we complain about something being unbalanced or "crappy".
    Then eventually we might see patch notes that say "we heard you" and they make some changes to that.
    Usually the reactions are mixed, sometimes mostly positive, other times not.

    At the end of the day, the game does not belong to the playerbase, but citadel.
    We've gone from a full loot PVP sandbox game.
    To a game where you more or less have to choose a class, and pvp is limited to one zone with no penalties.
    Thats a pretty substantial change, and while MANY people wanted PVP to be reigned in, it seems to be a pretty un-popular change.

    Nothing is a zero sum though..
    It was nice to see changes to allow players to experience the champion events and get skill books.
    Even the sort of "path" quests to help new players figure things out.
    I think those are huge positives. This steam launch patch was HUGE.

    Things change, and its incremental, and so while I want more content.
    I'm sort of struggling with my will to play at the moment.
    After a while, you sort of get bored killing the same things.
    I tried a melee character and the experience was so bad, having gone from a tamer, archer, and mage...
    I just couldn't do it. Though I really wanted to play a tanky character, thought it would be a fun and relaxing playstyle.

    I think for the moment I'll just hang back, read the forums and wait for some new patch notes.
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