My Feedback

I backed this when shards and have only recently begun playing so this is not an old hands view, it is a new players view. It is how I feel and some will be wrong in your experience. This is critical feedback so it does not dwell on the items I like it points to where I would like to see improvement, not in any order of priority.

Extremely basic in texture and animation - where are the flaming weapons, auras etc - these are NWN levels of graphical effect so not understanding why LoA in 2019 is limited to colour and texture only - the animations/interactions are of that level also.

Use to learn is fair enough - unless it is not of any use until reach a certain point so part of the use is pointless button pressing - why bother?
For instance - Stealth seems useless for too is basically boring and useless most of the progression - any reason why?
Scaling of skills
It also takes 2 skills [plus all the combat stuff] but your single surprise stab does pretty unimpressive damage - 2 shots with a bow, or 1 spell from a mage will do the same damage but from range with lower risk of the monster smushing you in your pathetic armour...if mobs are so dangerous, makes me think tamers must be very powerful in comparison.
The scaling of melee etc vs mobs seems weak.
No 'armour vs magic' other than wisdom seems a mistake - is this some nostalgia deal? Especially if it is only a chance of reduction - mitigation needs to be mitigation not some lottery.

Are there plans to alter items? The items are lacklustre [I'm being nice they seem really boring] - I appreciate balance may be your concern, but if this is the way it is too boring and homogenous...make them all equal and allow the crafters to add +1/2/3 to hit percentages/damage or some such.
Interesting kit to make your character more interesting is part of my idea of an rpg - it is part of the gains - experience, the things you manage to do, the crazy kit you acquire and lose, the people you meet...
Everything can be lost or decays so who cares if it unbalances things for a bit? You are probably too scared of losing it to use it or if you do, and it has some graphical signifier, you will be a target...
Armour seems worthless - make it deflect make things miss - or at least have a readable effect. Abilities which work only vs light armoured, fire for instance has extra damage vs cloth but less vs plate, lightning is reverse so it gives protection or at least some differential to different types ...anyway Armour currently seems rubbish, as do shields - no blocking skills of any interest or shield benefits beyond some errant plus.
Weapons - what is with spear animation? I just had to say. Are types useful? Pierce bonus vs soft armours, Bash vs RIgids etc?

Magic - such a huge area, so poorly populated - spellwise.
Mages seem to have simplistic boring spells - just pew pew and some minor utility. They are more powerful damage wise than melee I hear so popular but more the dearth of other abilities that are effective than them being particularly great. I read that OU had more spells and perhaps they are being added.

Advancement systems - new abilities linked to skills.
Melee and Archery etc are so simplistic - are damage types even a thing? Manoeuvres which would be abilities, the melee / stealth / archers equivalent of spells are thin to the point of nullity - about 3 abilities to use and are basically damage a bit more, halt healing a bit, move a bit faster, lessen targets move, lessen damage...just...what? Dungeon Master by FTL had more creativity of spell and weaponry and was done on 512k - I know it was single player game - but the systems of advancement and ability are just so very weak here - I appreciate this is early access, but seems barely acceptable as an advancement system to me andthese abilities could have been mugged up in a lunchtime - if this is to match the old UO, well ok - but surely it should be a better version of that simplicity?

Currently that is how I find the game systems - have not been talking about the environment, the crafting etc - not my bag, but abilities and advancement - these are my area of interest in such games and seems to need a rethink or large addition in my view.

Thanks for reading.

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