Lock Reds Back in Wilderness

ShermSherm United States
edited August 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
No one wants to go to the Inn and dance every couple of hours period , but no one really wants to go the Inn and dance beside a murderer . Please lock the murderers back in the wilderness . People who have Reds and enjoy killing other players will find ways to kill players in guarded zones . I have witnessed Reds pulling mobs over on top of blues who had their hands full with the mobs they were already fighting . Then poof the reds clock or hide . The Mobs they towed over attack the blues who often already had all they could handle .
Another tactic is for Reds to heal Mobs while blues are trying to kill said mobs .
Even one of the Devs. said that when you look at a Red player you automatically know something about them . Why should people who only have Blue characters that do not go to the PVP zone ( Oasis ) have to deal with all the harassing and slander associated with this ?
Many of the Reds offer taunts about blue players daring them to come to the wilderness .They speak bad of the players and their Guild If people want to go to the wilderness and fight both man and beast that is fine let them go . For those of us that have Zero interest in this why should we be subjected to this ?
Blues who wish to participate in PVP have factions . Many players have little to no interest in PVP. I was going to join factions this week just so there would be at least one more person to fight with , but after witnessing all of the bologna I have seen this past weekend at this time I no longer care if those people enjoy the game or not . It seems all these people want to do is make it so someone else has a bad day and looses what they have . I find this mentality childish and juvenile This is no way to retain players . If anything it makes players want to go elsewhere play other games .I fail to see in any way how allowing this type of conduct from reds in anyway enriches any part of the game .In short please eliminate all Reds from all guarded areas . Let the Reds battle one another in the Wilderness or the brave blues willing to make the trek into Oasis , but remove them from the sight of the law abiding . You wouldn't want to go and eat or drink beside a known convicted murderer would you ? Would you want to stand shoulder to shoulder to them in a dungeon knowing that you can't trust them ? Me either .
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