Improving Spell Scrolls’ Usefulness as Consumables

FiFi the Wiccan
edited August 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
I’ve wondered about the spell scrolls as consumables for quite some time, and a guildmate also expressed some interest in them whilst training Inscription and wanted some help testing a Greater Heal Scroll to satiate our curiosity.

We learned that spell scrolls rely on the user’s Evocation or Manifestation when determining their success rates and their potency; the minimum Evocation or Manifestation required seems to be lower than the requirement for spells within a spellbook.

This is not good because this makes spell scrolls useless as consumables since Fighters will fail using all spell scrolls unless they meet the minimum requirement of the spell scroll’s school of magic, and even if they happen to successfully use the scroll, Heal or Greater Heal will restore their health for a very mediocre amount, and I assume the damage from Evocation’s spell scrolls will be mediocre as well, because they have little to no Evocation or Manifestation.

These are a few suggestions I have for improving the spell scrolls as consumables that deviate from Evocation and Manifestation being in their equations:

• Change the spell scrolls’ formulas to static success rates, fixed healing ranges for the Heal Scroll and the Greater Heal Scroll, and fixed damage ranges for the Evocation’s spell scrolls.

• Change the spell scrolls’ formulas to rely on the Scribe’s skill and Intelligence for success rates and potency when crafted for when someone else—or Scribes themselves—uses them.

• Change the spell scrolls’ formulas to static success rates and fixed healing/damage ranges that can be marginally improved based on the user’s Intelligence or Wisdom.

The potency from the healing and damaging spells should be much less than a Mage’s potency from those same spells based on their Evocation and Manifestation, and the Heal Scroll and Greater Heal Scroll should be on slightly worse than, on par, or slightly better than the Alchemists’ healing potions based on which suggestion is chosen.
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