Two Simple Quality of Life Features for Crafters

FiFi the Wiccan
edited August 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
There are a few things I’ve wondered about Crafters such as... why are we able to add containers named by the Engraving Tool that are full of items to a crafting order that needs items of the container’s type, and why are we unable to select a specific quantity of an item we want to mass produce?

Please implement these two things if you didn’t already catch my drift in the above paragraph:

Ineligibility for named or filled containers that are needed by crafting orders. (Thank you, CS.)

• A small selection or text box near the “Craft” button within all crafting tables’ windows that allows us to choose a specific quantity of an item we want to mass produce.

I’ve been seeing Players lose containers full of items due to the lockbox and pouch crafting orders considering named and filled lockboxes and pouches as eligible items for completing them if those containers have been crafted by the employee of the crafting order.

Lastly, I suggested the selection/text box because I have always disliked having to tear myself away from a crafting table to prevent my character from using more materials beyond what was needed to complete a crafting order. Since crafting materials are consumed before the failure or success at crafting an item instead of directly upon either, I tend to lose crafting materials from time to time if I don’t move away from the crafting table before my character attempts to craft another of whatever it is I wanted to stop crafting hence why I strongly desire this quality of life feature for all Crafters.

I don’t mind at all that we craft items one by one, but I want my character to automatically stop at the number of an item I choose to craft to prevent my character from going over that number and to prevent my character from losing crafting materials that won’t be refunded to me.
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