New Skills -- Animal Breeder and Animal Trainer..

Dumpy McWinklesDumpy McWinkles World First Grandmaster Stapler
Possible Skills --
1)Animal Breeding -- Proficiency in marrying two animals and producing X offspring. The focus is to produce the strongest animal -- but also produce one offs that don't exist in nature.. like a churkey.. Yes.. a churkey. The dreaded chicken and turkey combination.

Getting the animal requires taming it first.. Then take the animal back and breed it with another one.. a game within a game for the ages. Requires food and watering.. Attention.. Possibly a house addition or just done at the stable.

2) Animal Training
Takes a pet and through the painstaking process of treats and encouragement/discoruagement tries to train them to do things -- roll over.. play dead.. Knock the big bad man on the ground or Cast poison on my foe or heal me even(Dread).
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