Percentages on resources

Dumpy McWinklesDumpy McWinkles World First Grandmaster Stapler
1) Level out the resources so gathering high level resources is a bit more sustainable and doesn't require a full time job effort to get them
2) throw percentages on the resources as in "This is a 72% quality Silk" or "98% quality Obsidian" which will directly control how much durability the item reflects and its chance to his +2 or +3 (similar process with weapons)

Can possibly add prospecting skill to differentiate is this an ore I want.. Also probably want to setup something that swaps out every X amount of days so there is a chance to farm for the stuff before it disappears.

This allows for greater diversity in resources -- higher tier resources inside become more coveted and more expensive than lower percentage ore.

Also -- we need to diversify the resources up so certain ones are better at certain things than others.. Vile leather confers a bonus to stealth, beast leather confers a bonus to agility and so on.. Cobalt weapons make sharper slashing weapons and increase damage, gold/obsidian weapons make better clubbing weapons and the armor has better stopping power -- perhaps gold armor grants poison resistance.

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