Feedback Bards and Tavern

Hi all.

I am playing now the Bard and would like to add what I like and do not like.


The Idea to have Bards in a Tavern to foster we start to interact and socialize more is good.
But I see no conversations going on.
That is the main problem I see all over the game.
Even now that we are all coming to a meeting point did not activate conversations and nice talking.

Idea> Provide Rare Items as a reward for a level of time you spend in a Tavern.
Let's say > 10 hours will provide a special drinking Cub, 20 hours maybe nicer looking eating dish out of porcelain
50 hours a special food dish. 100 hours the tavern fireplace. just ideas... you know
Create extra Event Times in the Taverns that double the time you are there.

Ideas> The Chat System in the Tavern should be different. The moment you enter the Tavern you get more Tabs containing the current Discord Chat. But only in the Tavern.
So in the Tavern, you have the Server Related Trade Channel, the Crafting Channel showing up and all scrolling.
So basically a player will notice suddenly in the Tavern Discord Talks showing up during the Time he needs to Vitalize.
Not sure if this is possible.

The RPG Idea is that Rumors and Information are normally shared in a Tavern. So would make sense.

Dance to bards music

Dancing - The Dancing is currently random activated what is annoying and most I ask to find it silly and do not like that your Char is forced to dance a dance you may not like.

Change it like this> If you listen to music you clap in your hand and you have -little vitality-

If a player chooses to dance to the music he has a little faster vitalize. So the player can choose if he wants to dance to regain vitality faster. but do not make it to huge of a difference. Do not let players feel forced to dance. Just if they are in a hurry to speed it up a little.

Animals in Taverns

Very simple> Think of Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina. Let the Barkeeper shout Those Animals.. they have nothing to do in here.
And players will get the following message when they start to listen to a Bard .. > Your animal is interrupting your vitalization. Please leave an animal outside of Tavern

Bard Groups can use the complete town

I think socializing starts best if players are in a Group.
Currently, all Bards stand around AFK Solo and even if they are all in the Tavern they do not talk.

Add an incentive to group>
If they all play in a group let players notice that. Make the Name Color of Bards in Group different maybe.
Listening to a group will make vitalizing very fast.

And now my special idea> If 3 Bards group together they can stand everywhere in the town and vitalize works!

Or even better. If 3 players play long enough as a band they can create a Bard Band Title. And they can move everywhere in the world.

So maybe 5 hours as a bard group will give that special reward.

That was my feedback.


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