Player Establishments: Taverns, Shops etc

One of the most immersive and amazing things you could do in UO was have player establishments INSIDE of houses. However, all we see in Aria are rows upon rows of houses with all the junk they're selling scattered about outside.

This breaks immersion, looks bad and probably is not so good for game performance either. On LoU they have implemented code to make it so that house items load into memory only upon stepping into the house. Imagine if Aria players had their stuff being sold inside of houses and the same thing was coded here? So much more optimized!


I dream of setting up a shop or tavern.
A proper, realistic shop/tavern.
Inside a house.
With no crap outside.
With customers inside.
Cozy, snug, immersive, realistic.

There are two main problems stopping me from doing this.

1. Containers
Right now, while I CAN place my merchant inside.
While I CAN put items on the floor and set them to be for sale successfully.
I CANNOT set a container for the purpose of selling anything, as it automatically converts it into a secure, and obviously others cannot look inside of a secure.
I CAN however set items inside of my secure to be on sale by the merchant. (not that that helps, as no-one else can access it, so this must surely be unintentional by CS?)

Suggestion: Do things like in UO, that you separately set a container to be secure. Upon locking it down, it simply becomes locked down (and hence could be used for shop merchandise). And from the house tools, have a button to setting secures on top of that.


2. Doors
So how can customers passing by know that a house is "open for business"?
The simplest way would be so that the door is missing if it's unlocked. Right now we can unlock our doors, however this is not of much use, since passersby would never know or be able to make use of that.

Suggestion: Upon unlocking the door, the door is disabled from view so that it would look like the house is "open for business". Much like the Terracotta cottage in this video.

Or... Another option would be to provide us with a way to change our sign textures like in UO. So we can indicate that this is a tavern or other type of player establishment.

I talked about this topic on Discord and it seems like many others dream of doing this same thing!

You can find that discussion by searching the phrase: "I've been wondering to myself why no-one has set up shops inside of houses."

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