Revamp Blacksmithing issues (same with carpentry too i suppose)

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Hello! I have an issue that i tested yesterday. I'm on Hope community server, we are up to date, and we have a 200% skill gain event. HOWEVER!

I've come to realize something today and i wanted to ask your opinion on the subject. I don't know if its an intended hard grind or something that got out of hands.

While lvling the new revamp blacksmithing (cant lvl past 80% with refining ore, gotta craft stuff) i did some maths and test. Here are the results
(For the sake of the test, I'm suggesting that I have 100% success chance in all 3 RNG withing the blacksmithing cycle. RNG on the mining, RNG on the smelt, RNG on the craft. which NEVER happens. :)
And dont forget that we have a 200% gain atm in my server.

with 400 ingots of obsidian, i can craft 80 pieces of Obsidian full plate tunic.
i got 0.6 increase with those 80 pieces crafted
80/6 (since i got 6 skill gains) 13.333333 so lets say 14 since we cant craft .333 plate mail.

2 ore / mining hit
5 ore / ingot
1 ingot / piece (or 25 ores)

So considering that: I need 14 pieces to get one skill gain.
14x(25/2) Since we mine 2 ore per mining picks

175 mining ticks is required to gain .1 in blacksmith

For the sake if the test, lets suggest that each RNG has 75% chance to succeed. We end up with a 42% success chance. lets round it at 50%.
175x2 (50% chance). thats 350. BUT WE HAVE A 200% SKILL GAIN SO 700 on regular servers without the buff.
So players need to mine 700 times to increase .1% in blacksmith from 80-100%. That's 20%, 200 skill gains necessary. 700x200= a whopping 140 000 mining pick action are necessary to lvl blacksmithing from 80 to 100%.....

I hope that you guys didnt plan to make the grind that hard if you are trying to get new players into the game. Most players will just stop at that wall. its way too big considering that old players GM blacksmith with ore smelting alone..... I GM mining and blacksmith on official serv like 8 month ago in 34 h game time. im at 96.3 blacksmith after 4 days of playtime...... thats 96h vs 34h and im not even done yet!

What your opinion on this? Thanks!
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