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FiFi the Wiccan
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Copied and pasted directly from this post within the subreddit, and a few things were edited to better reflect the current skills since this suggestion was created before Bard's release.

With Bard finally being one of the newest members of our growing choices of skills, I thought about how neat it would be for us to be able to compose our own melodies using MML. We could use our custom melodies for casually playing music, like a public performance which would be splendid for that little stage in Valus, and for our Bard abilities if we want to add our own flavor in battle over using the default music.

Here are a few games with an interface for creating our own music. The first three games allow users to paste the melodies from the clipboard within the in-game composition U.I. if a third-party MML software was used.

The length of the melody could increase based on Entertainment or based on the quality of the scroll being used—e.g.: Blank Scrolls, Frayed Scrolls, Fine Scrolls, and Ancient Scrolls—if they are chosen over Printed Notes sold at General Stores or Traders. If none of these seem like a wise option, I suppose there is an option of adding a Score Scroll to the game that can be crafted under Inscription.

I'm not sure how Entertainment and the quality of the scroll could work in tandem, but these are my thoughts:

• GM Entertainment unlocks the ability to compose your own melodies and the scrolls' quality determine the length of the song.
• Entertainment and the quality of the scroll determines the length of the melody.
• Entertainment determines the length of the melody, and scrolls are simply catalysts for composition. (Printed Notes may be the better alternative for this one.)

These scrolls or notes containing our custom music could be added to a separate tab within the Songbook. The individual songs placed within these books can be removed to be sold individually, they can be removed to be stored elsewhere, or we could just sell the entire Songbook instead if Players are allowed to view its contents including the third tab possessing our custom songs.

As for the ability itself, I suppose it can either come with Entertainment similarly to how Focus comes with Channeling, the ability comes with Entertainment but cannot be used until Entertainment is GM, or the ability comes with Entertainment but does not offer much room for customization unless Entertainment improves—similarly to the above three bullets.
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