Alternative Methods for Vitality Restoration

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Sitting on a bench, chair, or anywhere in general that isn't inside an inn or tavern:

• This method should provide the slowest regeneration for vitality since it's not comfortable to sit somewhere for long periods of time no matter the chair; however, this method will cause Players to make use of any nearby bench or chair within towns or NPC buildings.

Resting near campfires:

• Despite campfires usually being made in haphazard areas and out in the wild, where the ground and the flora can make resting uncomfortable—possible dangers lurking nearby as well, they provide warmth and a sense of comfort on their own. Campfires also regenerate health but prevent skill gains if the player remains near the campfire. As long as the Player isn't using the campfire to cook, this method should provide marginal vitality regeneration.

Resting in any bed or sleeping bag (this can be restricted to Player Housing and Inn/Tavern beds instead):

• Have you found it odd that we can buy a plot of land, build a house upon it, furnish it, top it off with a bed, and not regenerate any vitality whatsoever from sleeping in your own bed within your own home built upon your own land? I surely thought so. Allowing Players to regenerate vitality from their beds would provide their homes with an additional utility that would make their homes feel more like home. This method and resting within an inn or tavern's bed would provide a modest amount of vitality regeneration.

Sitting inside an inn or tavern whilst eating food:

• Sitting at an inn or tavern while scarfing down some delicious food reminds me of the many times I've always felt so relaxed and at peace—minus all the strangers around me—at a restaurant that offers buffets. Not only would this make Players buy food and give Player Chefs more business, it would provide inns and taverns more continuous occupancy in addition to what the Bards bring. If the Player is simply sitting down within an inn or tavern, they will receive the same amount marginal vitality regeneration as resting at a campfire due to the warmth of the building and the hearth; if the Player is eating whilst sitting within an inn or tavern, they will receive a modest to fast amount of vitality regeneration which depends on the meal that was eaten and its duration.

Listening to a Bard playing music near an inn or tavern's hearth:

• As explained above and by Citadel Studios themselves, if there is a Bard serenading everyone near an inn or tavern's hearth, Players will receive the fastest vitality regeneration as long as they listen to the Bard while they play music. As of typing this sentence, this is currently the only way to restore vitality.

All of these alternatives for vitality restoration would give the world's areas, establishments, mechanics, and objects more use instead of just the Bards and establishments being the center of vitality restoration.

Inn, taverns, and Bards can and should remain the best source of vitality restoration with the alternatives being the lesser and more weaker forms of vitality restoration (food potentially rivaling the Bard depending on a Player Chef's skill level), but there should be more ways to reinvigorate ourselves to make Celador more lively and to not let anything go to waste—especially when Bards stop providing their services or... get in trouble for AFK macro'ing (it has been confirmed that Bards are allowed to AFK and play music with Q as long as they aren't macro'ing any other abilities while Q is active).


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