+ hold set number of marked location runes (depending on Quality/rareity/blueprint)
+ Are blessed (Reds are now only reds in unprotected areas)
+ Wild gates are Red and send caution to players entering the gate (toggleable in settings)
+ Runebooks do not have durability
+ Runebooks Require a consumable item to be used.(Runic Scroll)
+ Runic scroll can be cast by anyone as long as it is of High Quality (GM inscribe %chance on Fail)
+ Scribes Gain a renewable product to sell. ( they will be bought )
+ Red Gain Fast travel properly Once again ( they are no longer a problem in protected areas)
+ Casual players can now log in when they have the chance and travel to a dungeon and play.
+ Reds Also get this boost in gameplay
+ New step for scribe quest (mark locations / Fill Runebook)
+ Praise from the community.
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