Suggestions: Fixes & New

The game has been in development for a long while now and seems the dev's are very active at this time.. so figured maybe make out a list for them to look over and see if they can't fix some things and maybe add some things..

- (fix) crafting orders that are above 20+ items make them worth doing.
- (fix) crafting orders should give resources again.
- Crafted Tools ( Ex: Pickaxe, Hatchets ) Should have +% atk increase removed and a modifier to make harvesting faster or increase harvested amounts. - to make crafting tools made by players have more value.
- Rare open world spawns ( not the rare boss spawns ) that can spawn every few hour or days in a large area. rare spawns can be like "lords" ( ex: Forest Walker Lord, Troll Lord, Ork Lord... Elk Lord... Bear Lord.. or whatever.. ) they should be beefy and exciting to spot but unpredictable on where they will spawn, maybe unicorns and nightmares as well..
- More variety of random creatures out in the world.. at the moment it feels... empty and dead... running from town to just a hotspot you see nothing but some bears and wolves here and there.. maybe some bandits... and the same bandits not matter where your at on the map... dark forest shouldn't' have the same strength bandits as eldier.. just my opinion.
- (fix) cobalt veins are missing? looks like normal stone
- Lumberjack - Trees make the bark vary for the wood not just the leafs.. tall trees are hard to actually see the leaves due to the camera set up.
- (fix/change) Quilted Cloth is the only resource in the game that comes from the exact same source ( cotton plant ) where as everything else has a its own source.... this should as well have its own source, as of right now its like 2-5% chance to get fluffy cotton.. but if harvesting anything else even if it has a rare spawn rate we can easily tell which Vein for ore is what ( except cobalt as mentioned above ) or what tree is what..
- (fix) Blacksmith crafting orders do not give the correct enchanting essences.
- (fix) enchanting essences do not have the correct artwork
- add more wood types.... also make it so decorative items can be crafted with other wood types for color...
- more spells for mages? poison, fire and paralyze walls? and many others... would be nice...

I am sure there are many more... so maybe others can help fill out this list

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