Founders Pack

I have a Nobel Cloak and Founders Pack that I have not claimed yet. I want to know what items are in the Founder Pack? I have look everywhere but to no avail.


  • I was an original Noble level Founder back when the game was pitched, and my pack contained a labeled little box with Noble Cloak, a Founder's Cloak, some sort of interesting mask, a cool Horse that you can turn into a statue in your pack, (which can be stolen if you die), and one of those expensive astroglobe things that people have in their yards to feel like big shots. That's off the top of my head- can't remember what the mask is called. Hope that helps!
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    Founder's Mask
    Founder's Cloak
    Armored Horse(If you backed before the 250k mark).

    As far as I know. The items are worth a LOT, especially if you claim them on Amber Moon. Almost nobody has them there.
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