Оnе idea for a better living world !

Do you think with 5 animals you make the real world? Why don't you add more life to your Legend of Aria world?
I see only same animals ... Elk's , Coyots, bears and wolf's. Anyone see dragon's ? No.... in your world have so little spot's with diffirent animlas/monsters. OASIS is so.... so empty. Where is living , this is not living ?! Make any Events in this WORLD !!! No stream event's for pupularity... Game World Event's.

1# Invasions still Mu Online... Dragons, Orc's, Dire Wolf's & Bear's atacking Cityes.
- Created random Invasion's. Why house's have big taxe's ? Let the Animals can deal little dmg and destroy player building's !
- City guard's have good speed/teleportation for 2019year game ! Fix this now. Where is battles between them ? Animals and city guard's ???
- In World any player see guard camp ? This is game from 2019 year. Anyone see NPC in this living (empty) world ( no in Towns ) ?

2# Where is World PvP ? Where is Events for PvP ? Where is Massive Guild Battles ?
- Created Events for PvP still Archeage - World Bosses for all Guild's with definitely spawn time!
- Siege warfare ? Any Guild Make Big Fucking StrongHold ( or any big money fortress ) ... Just Defending from other players ( can be destroyed ) !

Do you realize that if you do not add something to the world of Aria. The game will just stop playing in this form. and your game will really be a legend!


  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    Hi, It has been talked about in streams by Supreem that after initial bugs from the last patch is done, content will be a big focus. All your ideas are very interesting and I will highlight them with the team.
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