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Hi everyone
i started a Tamer an after inspecting stats for my pets i recognize in Wiki that vitality say how many lifes my pet has.
Pet Lives

Tamed pets may now only die 5 times before they are permanently destroyed. Remaining lives are indicated in the pet’s title as follows:

4 lives: Winded
3 lives: Weary
2 lives: Tired
1 life: Exhausted
all my pets are exhausted how they gain vitality ?


  • MorphMorph Denmark
    Yeah I thought the same when this change was added.

    When you inspect your pet it will say exhausted in the paper doll - this is incorrect and frankly does not tell anything about your pet armor and damage. You will also see you can set your pet to grain str, agi, int etc. this does not work either, so don’t be confused by it 

    The state of your pets lives will be shows after its name and not in its paper-doll.

    If your pet never died after taming its name will be "What-ever-you-called-it"
    If your pet has died once after tamed its name will be "What-ever-you-called-it (Winded)"

    My wyvern, which has died once, name shows like this "Rikktor (Winded)"
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