Why? :(

Is there no provocation/discordance skill on an EU community shard?!

Outrageous! I could play a prov bard on a US server but the 80-100 ping is noticeable...


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    You are talking about a community server? They have their own forum, and of course they can be different than official servers, that's their thing
  • ScanScan UK
    edited August 12
    The only shard you can play provocation skill on is an American shard and I can notice the lag as provoking mobs is not easy and takes exact timing when you are high level, there is no shard at all on the EU side that lets you play Prov/Bard.

  • Because you have no one on that side of the world who wants to implement that into one of their game worlds.. id suggest going to there private forums and requesting it..
  • :neutral: Gutted, I was addicted to my prov bard in old skool UO... :(
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