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Newb questions on selling and quests

LtldoggLtldogg United States

I just started playing with the Steam release and have a few questions I have not been able to find answers for in the Wiki or on these forums. I apologize if they are.

1. How do I sell items to a vendor. I can get to the dialogue where a vendor tells me how much they will pay for an item I crafter in my bug (2 gp for a Short Sleeve Shirt). I then see a green G over my avatar and a red Y over the vendor. Regardless of which I choose, I get a message that I don't own that item (or something to that affect).

2. I am following the Learn Fabrication quest and I am at the point where I need to craft a Short Sleeve Shirt at a Loom. I have done this 3 times, but the quest will not advance. What am I missing?

Thank you!


  • ZaphieonZaphieon Philippines
    if you get stuck on one of these quest try going to a gate keeper, teleport to another area and back.. I have found teleporting clears up issues with this.
  • ZaphieonZaphieon Philippines
    you have to target the item you want to sell then click ok in the next message that pops up.. ignore the G and Y, selling to NPC vendors though is a waste of efforts. much easier ways to make money if you make something you don't need keep it you will need it for a crafting order later.
  • Selling to NPCs really isn't worth the number of clicks it takes. Yeah, it's an option, but buy prices are set super low to mitigate botting that it's just not practical for players to generate money that way. Most people just dump extra stuff on the ground and let it decay.
  • LtldoggLtldogg United States
    Zaphieon and Squid,

    Thank you both for your answers!
  • The Plonk brothersThe Plonk brothers Australia
    edited August 9
    There is a quest that asks you to accumulate 400 wood.

    How do you do this when you can only carry 350 due to weight limits?
  • There is a quest that asks you to accumulate 400 wood.

    How do you do this when you can only carry 350 due to weight limits?

    For me, I had to have some in a pack horse and some in my bags. The quest didn't actually register as complete until I mounted the pack horse, however.
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