Where to get pack horse in Helm?

I am trying to figure out how/where in Helm to get a pack horse. I have inventory envy against all the other miners!


  • Saddle bags are crafted by players and you can add them to a regular horse to make them a pack horse.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    Ok, where do you get regular horses pretty please?
  • OsyrusOsyrus United States
    Whoopsies said:

    Ok, where do you get regular horses pretty please?

    Buy from npc tamer (assuming he has some in stock) or buy from a player. OR go tame your own (with 30 in skill it fails alot but not impossible)
  • AthnirAthnir United States
    I can't find a tamer, unless you mean the stablemaster, which just sells the horses as statues.
  • ShermSherm United States
    Player tamer
  • Sherm said:

    Player tamer

    You have to buy unsaddled horses from players? That kinda sucks. I've been wondering where to get them once i realized i couldn't add saddlebags to my horse.
  • Yes you have to get unsaddled horses from players, the horse at the stable's are all with saddle.
    Alternative you could learn Animal Lore&Taming skill for 600 gold and tame your own horses.
    After you filled up all stable slots you have enough horses for a long time and can forget the skill.
  • Just past the portal, outside Helm following the west road is a vendor called YeOlde Miners Depot; they always have unsaddled horses, saddlebags, raw ingots and other miner specific stuff for sale...
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