Where do I find stone?

I began the mining profession intro task to mine 10 stone (starting in Eldeir), but I've been walking around for an ungodly amount of time simply looking for stone. Am I missing something? Am I just plain stupid? I've been skipping over rocks I know to contain ore from colour (i.e. iron, copper, obsidian, etc.), and I've been mining every rock I think has the possibility to be stone. I've gotten the "Failed to harvest..." on every attempt so far. Is stone just rarer than ores? Do I need to venture farther out? Please send help :^(


  • Hi there. I am new to this as well. I have my skill up to over 30 at this point. It says that I am mining rocks and I get points, but they never appear in my bag unless it's a special ore like copper.

    Good luck with everything.

    I am hoping someone will see your thread and reply.
  • WhoopsiesWhoopsies United States
    It is found around the outside of the Helm mine. It was difficult at first to find it but then I got lots.
  • OsyrusOsyrus United States
    Look at the color of the veins in the rocks. Ones without color seem to give stone
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