Forum Rules

Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
Welcome to the Official Legends of Aria Community Forums!

Games like LoA are driven by an enjoyable, friendly community. We
want to ensure that we embrace these ideals to make everyone feel welcome, whether
they’re just joining or have been a veteran player since the beginning.

The Rules

You will be banned if you:

-Engage in trolling, abusive, offensive, disrespectful, or toxic behavior.
-Spammy behavior: This includes making new threads for the same topic.
-Soapboxing or dev baiting
-Share information or details of exploits, macros, or bots.
-Buy/sell accounts, in-game items, or gold, or attempt to do this. RMT discussions are not permitted.
-Impersonate Citadel Studios staff.
-Share Admin content covered by NDA.
-Ban evasion.

You will receive a warning if you:

-Post private chat logs/screenshots.
-Engage in PvP trash talk
-Off-topic conversations - please be sure you’re posting in the correct threads. The first offense
will receive a warning, if it continues then your messages will be deleted.
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