Azure Sky Roleplay - Events, Guilds, Random RP?

Hello, everyone!

I know things a bit in flux at the moment, and I'm sure more things will come alive in the coming weeks, but I'd love to check in and see if anything is happening on Azure Sky!

Are there areas or times where RPers congregate or any particular guild tags to watch for?

I mostly am around Helm on my miner Cait, but I'm more than happy to engage in random RP with anyone passing through!


  • Heya! [insert mandatory VE recruitment statement here]! I find that in order to get the RP going you will have to put yourself out there and maybe start with a character that is very outgoing so you start conversations. A lot of people will Role Play back to you and enjoy it, but you will often have to make the first move. If that fails, Citizens of Valus will be glad to have you on VE!
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