Feature Spotlight: Professions!

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It is here! The newest Feature Spotlight which is all about the new professions system!


  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Sounds great
  • These Professions Quests are fun to play. Would be nice if we could get more of that small Quests - not tied to professions only, small daily repeatable Quests which give some small Rewards (like Essences, colored cloth, some Ingredients). Would add some flavor to the World.
  • However as a sandbox it has to be available outside of the quests as well. .somehow.. Not everyone wants to do quests.. But in UO there were quests that EVERYONE wanted to do.. escort quests paid real good.. but ive already seen steaming posts hating quests in their sandbox.. so...
  • ShermSherm United States
    I am not a fan of the quests . I am however being forced to do them if I want to use the prestige abilities I had previously unlocked . This is not fun. It is mundane . Oh and if you neglect 1 step IE. talk to the guy at the first of catacombs you don't get to finish and have to do another catacomb run. In short all of the quests I have done Warrior and Mage are dull and easily missed by a player just trying to hurry and grind something out they've already unlocked such as to be able to access prestige abilities that they had already unlocked . I am not a fan of this at all .
  • ShermSherm United States
    Am I the only player who dislikes this?
  • Sheerm said:

    Am I the only player who dislikes this?

    I hate mandatory quests and and pushing for them to make Aria a sandbox game again.
  • BardiocBardioc Berlin
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    Quests in Themepark Games are completely different, all you have to do is Questing and Leveling in these Games.

    As long there are just "some" manadory Quests in a Sandbox it is fine - how long does it take to complete your Profession Quest, 2 hours? And you would do the tasks you need for the Quest sooner or later anyway.
    It is more a tutorial as a quest. And much better as grinding days and weeks for mandatory books.

    We had these small Quest even in UO, with ML Expansion you needed even for some Dungeons a Quest to enter, some quest were once in a lifetime and some quests repeatable. Just more Sand in the Box and fun to play. More Quests would be nice, but make them not all mandatory!
  • They already gave me all the books in my pack why should I do the quests?

    If its only 2 hours and I have 10 characters this is over 20 hrs of game play that is not fun for me and I consider chores online. I think these quests are great but should be optional for old accounts that are maxed out.

    As a new player learning the game I might enjoy killing spiders in the sewers.

    As a vet I have no interest in kill stealing and griefing noob kills so I can advance.
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