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Where are my pets?


So working my taming, got them to low 40's and was out with my pack and one by one they stopped following me. I don't see anything about feeding them...tried logging out waited came back I have no clue where they dropped off. so what do I do?


  • Deryk_the_PirateDeryk_the_Pirate United States
    Squid said:

    If you use your hearthstone, any active pets anywhere should port with you. I think.

    That was the first thing I tried, then loging in/out, rebooting. Can't release them, so have 1 open slot, my horse.

  • Try Stuck
  • Deryk_the_PirateDeryk_the_Pirate United States
    Thanks OG, that worked! Good to know for the future right lol
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