The tax system is unethical

What I want to talk about is the tax system. I find the very concept highly unethical and brutal.

It's been a few months since I lost everything because of the tax system and just quit the game on the spot. I thought I'd be ok with that, there are lots of good games out there that are worth my time but what happened keeps bugging me. What I realized is that Aria gave me a feeling that no other game has given before: the shock of seeing your life's work been sold to a stranger for some petty sum of money. It was actually pretty dramatic. On Monday I went to my house to find someone else inside it going through my stuff. The locks had been changed. I didn't receive any notice of the change of ownership. It all just happened behind my back. For me the experience was like seeing the partner that I love hooking up with another guy right in front of my eyes. Luckily it hasn't happened to me in real life but if a game has the potential to do that to me mentally all I feel for the game is contempt.

At the time when I still played you had to pay tax every week of lose your house and everything inside it which basically means everything you own. The system allowed no chance of any kind of repayment after the auction. Neither any compensation for your belongings was offered. It was either you pay 1g a week or you encounter a personal item wipe. You didn't get any compensation for your belongings nor did you get any money from the auction. I don't think any of that has changed.

Now, some may argue that it was my own fault for not paying attention to my tax but I argue that it's a horrible mechanic in the first place. The game basically forces me to report to it every week or it will uninstall itself. That's what mentally happens for someone that loses all their hard earned items. For ONE mistake! Think about the real world: you have to pay rent or you get in trouble. However, at least where I live, there is a lenghty process with the authorities that includes liquidification of your furniture to cover the rent or chance of settlement with the participants before you're actually evicted. In Aria, there's no chance of that. It's unethical and just straight inhumane.

In sum, backing this game was the biggest mistake in my gaming history. Citadel, kiss my ass.

I think I feel a bit better now.


  • Everything at this time in the game is so easily replaced. Ya , you lost your spot. That stinks. But dont fret. Your skill gain you gained is the most valuable asset. Everything else is just easy stuff to replace at this tine
  • TeufelTeufel Aria
    edited July 7
    I'm not sure if you were aware, but you can pay up to a month's worth of taxes up front. If someone doesn't even pop in game to pay a few silver once a month, I'd consider them gone and their plot should become available to someone else.

    But I'm sorry to hear about your plot.
  • I feel your pain. CS must have good reason for dropping massive changes on us with little to no warning or consideration of implications though. Personally, I reckon sadism. Not even joking :)
  • CorbenCorben Cascadia
    DrDoo said:

    Everything at this time in the game is so easily replaced. Ya , you lost your spot. That stinks. But dont fret. Your skill gain you gained is the most valuable asset. Everything else is just easy stuff to replace at this tine

    Not with the cost changes to plot size, housing deeds, and increases in materials needed.
  • Supreme - what is the current population levels. Is it not true sir, that whatever you are doing, is officially NOT working and YOU are responsible for screwing this game up on multiple levels. In all due respect, you screwed up bro.

    Why are you not working your ass off to fix this? What do you have to say, that this is all intended?

    Give me a rebuttal? You should admit to the mistakes and act accordingly. Very disappointed in you.

    PS: Yeah fix taxes too
  • HoneyBadgerHoneyBadger United Kingdom
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    I think that particular update, where weekly tax and plot costs were changed was not executed well, and should had been publicised much better (for example, an email bulletin) to reflect the significance of the changes in it.

    Adding the tax rebate on the house signs was a mistake, additional funds should had simply been grandfathered in as way of thanks, simply preventing people from putting more tax on their houses till it fell below the 4 week threshold.. so if they were really gone for good, they'd go up eventually anyway.

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