Couple q's

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1. Without a subscription base how will the game fund itself in the future? cash shop?
2. can your house blue prints be looted?
3. does the world have room for new players to build medium or so houses?
4. how dead is the population? (lots of game is dead info on the net)
5. Is this in released state? do i have to worry about wipes?

I'm a casual from the US TZ(EST) only get 2 days off a week to play games would this game be ok for me?


  • Cash shop maybe, optional sub maybe, depends what QnA you watch and if they change their minds again.

    Yes if you die your items can be looted including house blue prints. Blessed items remain in your inventory on death.

    Plenty of room but most popular spots are taken.

    Do you like single player games? If yes population should not bother you. If no find an active clan for your timezone. Azure Sky has the most players.

    Games has been released in EA with no more wipes. New server for steam launch when ever that happens.
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