Eager for Beta!

Hi everyone! My name is Tracy, and I just bought the early access beta. I'm really looking forward to it! This looks like a great game and being disabled, I have a lot of extra time on my hands!

I'm not very good with character building, so I hope those with more experience will be able to help me. Eager to see all of you actually in-game!


  • Welcome!
    Play on azure sky?
  • DrDoo said:

    Play on azure sky?

    Is that one of the realms? Maybe! ^^ One realm is as good as another when I don't know anyone, hehe. I wasn't lucky enough to be part of Alpha, so I'm not playing at all yet.
  • Welcome and enjoy. I went the Verdent Earth option because it was less populated and had more housing spots...downside its WAY less populated.
    But I am guessing this whole new housing tax is to clear out space of people who are not playing anymore...which should open up some spots on Azure Sky.
  • Keep in mind the Steam swarm will soon be incoming so get in a couple days early and get you a plot location.. even the lower pop server will feel the influx of people..Although not 100% certain on the 180 degree turn in core concept of the game.. will have to wait and see how it plays out.
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