Where's my corpse?

Admittedly, I haven't died for a while, but since when did corpses start being wiped? I ran to the area it should be after resing and had a look around - can't see it anywhere. No minimap indicator either. Is this part of the stupid new 'release to shrine' system?


  • Hang on... I didn't res at shrine this time and my corpse is on minimap and when I got close I could res with items. What the AF?
    So the system is; you die - you get a 60sec countdown during which you can tele to a shrine (if you don't, you still get teled after the 60sec) - if you res your corpse gets deleted but if you run back to it as a ghost you can res next to it and recover your items. So why would anyone res at a shrine if their corpse and belongings will be deleted? And if nobody would res at a shrine, why force everyone to go to the shrine before they can res?
    This system is stupid. The old one made more sense.
  • The message you see at the shrine when you decide whether or not to res is unclear to the point of uselessness.
    "RESURRECT - You will be given a new body with none of your previous items less they be blessed."
    Last time I ressed at a shrine, I could run back to my body and recover items - clearly the system has since been altered but the message does not convey the fact that ressing at the shrine will now destroy your corpse. "You will be given a new body" which is what happened before (your corpse remained) "with none of your previous items" (as before) "less they be blessed". You mean 'unless'. "less" makes no grammatical sense.
  • MofakaMofaka United States
    I died twice yesterday, and twice the day before.
    Every time I res'd at the shrine, and every time I was able to run to my corpse (and sometimes die again).
    But eventually, find my bones on the ground and loot.

    I lost no items, and my blessed cloak and spellbook were on my character post res, but obviously not on my body (as that would have created a duplicate right?)
  • Did you have a minimap marker for your corpse? I only got one when I remained a ghost.
  • People rez at the shrine when they know they got dry looted or know they will never be able to rez at their corpse and survive. It saves you the run. You can rez at the shrine then hearth home to re gear. It saves you the run of shame, thank god.
  • OK, that makes sense. My corpse must have been somewhere, I guess.
  • It's far better than the old way unless you forget not to rez and run back as a ghost
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