The problem is....

This game is only good for PVP content for me anyway... and most people..

The problem is EVERYTIME you pvp you are out numbered its never a fun fair fight.

Cant really play this game its pointless to even try to go out and pvp.

just make a even matched instanced pvp zone or something that i used to be against..

no point in even attempting to pvp just gankfest


  • Oh you died in pvp these eve? I'm sorry.
    But I like where your heads at with even matches etc.
  • Lotro did it right. Players could make monsters and he the bad guys. Bit all players in that zone were there to pvp.
  • beater07beater07 America
    Get rid of snares and stuns and add little weeds you can get stuck on if you don't navigate well. PvP problem solved.

    My biggest hatred of PvP in this game is that the moment you are stunned, and it's more than 1 on 1, you are most likely dead. In uo part of the fun of PvP was the chase, and sometimes getting stuck on a weed lost you the kill.
  • Just make friends and have them fight with you. Match the gankers in numbers.
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