They gonna let the game die?

?? just make aria dope again..


  • EigusEigus spain
    edited July 2
    Game is frozen, and dead time ago. It's only time, that proyect overpased so hard those devs, one of biggest fails I saw in MMORPG history. Not only because almost all pledgers left the game because is bored and lack of content is also because they spend loooot of time doing nothing, completely lost with no idea what to do to improve the game, years and years of almost 0 content, false promises, vapor ware. Where are frozen thundra? Where are new skills? And the crafting revamp? The never coming steam release? As I said one of biggest fails I ever seen

    PD: And better don't talk about performance, animations, combat, fps drops, lags...
  • The game has been dead for a while now. The steam launch is the game's last saving grace. And if the game doesn't bring back old players and new players of fill out the server(s) the game will remain stagnant and wither away as it has already been doing sadly...
  • Also, part of the issue with the game it still needs a shit ton of work done prior to the steam launch. The game is boring as is and once your character is 6x gm there isn't a lot to do except perhaps farm the ability skill books which that gets old fast. The pvp/pking was almost non existent in the game.
  • And patch 8.2 just came out in WoW and most people will flock back to a game that actually has stuff to do in it, I might check the game again after steam launch goes live with their major patch they promise that will go with the launch of steam until then the game is boring, dull and nothing going on at all....
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