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I have not been playing long; however, one nice thing that should be added is WAY more monster spawns. I remember playing UO back in the day and there were a ton of monster spawns all over the world. Here; thus far, it seems quite limited. Now I know that this game is in an infant state but it would be nice to see light shined on this topic. The problem is, if one person is camping any given spawn, everybody else is SOL for the most part. *shrugs*

Variety is a nice spice.


  • In a sandbox game they give you more choices. This game wants to remove choice and force people into hot spots and choke points like a theme park. They planned it this way and one of the things I dislike about the game.
  • Wait until steam launches then you will be waiting in line to fight mobs
  • I wouldn't mind the pro-PK bias if there were actual repercussions for murdering inoocent civilians.
  • What are some ideas that would be good repercussions?
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Stat loss worked wonders
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    Stat loss for being a PK or getting killed by one...or as one?
  • NecroNecro Azure
    Like in UO. 10% stat loss when dieing as a red
  • Yasssssss! I love good challenges and penalties, makes the game that much more fun IMHO
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    Bit of a thread necro but I agree with OP completely. There should be a much greater variety of actual monsters and dispersion of random solo monsters in the world. I used to love just running into random and sometimes powerful things out in the middle of nowhere in UO.
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