Recruiting Anti-Pks! CEV is looking for a few good men and women :-) [AZURE SKY]

The Crusaders of the Eight Virtues [CEV] originated in Siege Perilous of Ultima Online (there we were C8V) and we have resurrected the guild for LoA.

We are an international Anti-pk Chaotic Good guild of hardcore English speaking players bent on end game content, on Azure Sky Server.

We plan on exploring the entire game, from PVE, PVP to dominating ZVZs in Factions. Our PVP goals are currently in the TEHTYS FACTION. You do not HAVE to play in factions if this is not your play style. Our PVE goals include regular dungeon runs, community help with character development min-maxing characters ASAP, and the settling of a player run city somewhere in the wilds (we have two communities now, one around Helm Gate and the other around Crossroads Gate). We currently number 50 active, experienced and mature players, coming from three different games; Star Citizen (Imperium org), Albion Online (Exertion & Frogue One Guilds, WOKE/POWER/SAVE Alliances) and Chronicles of Elyria (Duchy of Vitalis) games. We are all friends from those previous games, and are always looking to meet more like minded individuals to share epic times and huge laughs with :smiley: We do place a high emphasis on efficient gaming/effective teamplay and good communication skills (if you say "over here" a lot then get ready to break bad habits) You are welcome to hop into our Aria Discord General/Public Channels if you have questions or wish to show an interest. So Stay Awhile And Listen, as you must always Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth :-)

Minimum Requirements for a Crusader are:

1) Must want to be a GOOD guy in the world and be able to use Discord with Voice (have a microphone)
2) Must be able to speak and understand English at a passable level (we love good accents though, and don't mind if you speak Tinglish, Spinglish or Frenglish :smiley:
3) Don't be a douche, and do not engage in Drama
4) Read and Abide by our Standards and Code of Conduct while playing LoAria
5) Have fun, enjoy your good fortune, and laugh.. a lot.

Please join our Discord, hop in the Public Voice channel and say hi!

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