Taming Changes

I am at 81.5. Been Taming Great Harts and Elk for the past 2 days. Total spent maybe 2-3 hours with 0 gain.
Am i supposed to tame something else or are taming gains incredibly slow now?
What am i doing wrong here?


  • DiamonasDiamonas Canada
    They made them harder as of last patch, honestly...Good Luck getting any gains at all, the skill was already Incredibly difficult and mind numbingly boring to get gains in general due to lack of taming progression mobs, there are only 3 Emp scorpions on a 30 min timer for an entire server, etc...

    Also try getting skill at 96+ the only good options are now on a 1hr random timer and a 4hr+ random timer due to trash spawns.
  • chrisx9chrisx9 christian@elfers.eu
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    Try coyotes. The skill gain rate had been decreased with the last patch, but only a little. I get like 10-15% less gains (i am at 96.5). I think what you experience is the "80-wall". At level 80, skill gains drop significantly. But that has always been the case. Just go head and keep pushing! If you have, use powerhour potions.
  • .1 an hour should be the average gains now with the current changes.
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    2 hours of taming harts, grizzlies and elk at 80.4 for no gains. 2nd coyote gave me one, then nothing. This isn't fun.
    Making skill gain impossible is not the way to fix taming being OP. I can think of much better ways to balance it.
  • yes, taming beyond 80 was already a pain in the a.... but now it's really ridiculous.. why must CS worsen things... not funny anymore. guess I will stop paying my tax and move on... sad.
  • It is a pretty boring grunt work.. I may stream on Monday night on Twitch to show everyone how bad it is.
  • Needed to nerf the power of tamers, not make it harder to be one. All they've done is exacerbate the power difference between the casuals and no lifers.
  • The ridiculous amount of time the developer expects anyone to spend to get a max skill is why I haven't logged this game in over a week. Rather the skills being op and nearly impossible to master a middle ground between usefulness and time required to master should be found. If the developer still thinks its doing right ... its never going to learn...
  • They should make all skills be 10x harder considering its 95% of the games content.
  • If they want to lose more of the playerbase they can make skills 10x harder.. not everyone has the time and the will to grind hundreds of hours to raise a skill from 90 to 100. tamimng in uo was hard. especially from 99 to 100 but you had enough pets to tame and then at least the power hour for a 0.1 gain a day.. but days or even weeks without a gain by skilling 2-3 hours a day ist just plain ridiculous. thats not a way to keep players
  • I think Divinorum was being sarcastic :) He was simply pointing out that the game is lacking content. Which is a way way bigger problem than the taming issue. But that is another topic :)
  • They buffed animals to fight with us around that 80 mark. So instead of only focusing on taming, I've been goin to dungeons with a dire bear or wolf. Havent done spiders. Bow and arrow and have been having fun. I just got the ruin skull with my bear and my bow.
    Made 2 gold too.
    Take a break from taming and go have fun. Then tame here and there etc, then play with friends with your new pets.
    Or simply stop whining?
  • Whining? You clearly don't see the bigger picture here so let me explain. We need more players right? I am relatively a new player, my account is little less than a month old. I am also an UO veteran. So I have done my share of "grinding" skills that were extremely difficult to GM in my day. Back then, they weren't many online gameplay options as is today. Also, the generation today is very different. Todays generation does not put up with hours and hours of mindless boring grinding with very little reward. Skills being too difficult to GM raises this games' barrier of entry. If this game is released on Steam the way it is today, people may try it out but it will die shortly after that. If you guys want to play 1000+ populated servers, you need to quit thinking with old boring gaming mechanics and start thinking like how you can make this game exciting and enjoyable for new players so they don't leave after a month.
    Skill gaining difficulty is not the only problem. Lack of content, buggy map, terrible combat system are some of the other issues i have observed during my first month here. Sorry for my "whining".. but LoA should Adapt or Die.
  • DivinorumDivinorum USA
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    Eesmail said:

    I think Divinorum was being sarcastic :) He was simply pointing out that the game is lacking content. Which is a way way bigger problem than the taming issue. But that is another topic :)

    I was poking fun of the fact the lake if very shallow and when my toons reached max I lost interest very fast. UO kept my attention for longer because It was a lot more difficult to develop a character. If LoA was 10x harder to advance this would of gave them time to develop more sandbox activities for all levels of game play. ATM everyone that raced to the end are begging for content.
  • Sounds like you may be a masochist.
    I think gains are roughly where they need to be - takes enough time you feel you worked for it but not so long you feel you're going nowhere. Crafting may feel quick if you buy all your materials in bulk, but I procure & prep all mine solo and that makes up about 80% of the time spent raising those skills.
    My taming gains improved a bit after I wrote the above anyway O.O
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    The core issue with some skills--taming and crafting in particular--is that you don't gain them through standard gameplay loops; You don't steadily raise either while playing organically because tamers aren't constantly taming new pets (we'll see how much the rez change affects things) and there's no steady market for low-skill crafted items. That's why everyone takes the skillgain nerfs so hard--they wind up feeling like an insane grind because you only gain skill when you're actively working to do nothing but gain skill and you're not particularly useful for anything until you've skilled way up.

    I don't know how you solve that for crafting; maybe a chance for a skillup when you complete a work order--but I think taming should have a minuscule chance for skillups while pets are fighting or being commanded. Cap the gains per hour if you must, but something to get tamers of all skill levels out playing the game instead of just waving a crook at stuff for weeks on end would be beneficial.
  • Eesmail, yes, whining.
    I play when I can.. and I am an UO vet as well. The hours spent back in 7th grade to GM anything was excruciating. Now as a grown man and father husband and work, the time to sink in a game is limited. Skill gains are ose to where they should be, in my opinion. Crafting gains are alright, a little tweak would be nice. But I ain't gonna cry about it. Game is changing every few weeks, maybe they'll adapt a way you like or maybe they will adapt in a way that will make you whine more.
    Doesnt matter to me. That .2 gain of taming I get once in a blue moon is fine. Name of the game.
    Yea, more players would be awesome.. 1000+ players... we need a bigger world.
    Itll come with time. It's always coming... with time.
    Patience man, if your my age you likely have a kid perhaps.. so you know patience at 33.
    If you dont have a kid, then I understand your feedback completely and whining, and for that I apologize for hurting your feelings.
  • I am 33 as well.. And you have to do a lot more to hurt my feelings. Your age grew but your mentality still the same as your 7th grade version it seems. My constructive criticism can be seen as "whining" to you, but it is a big problem in the game and I stated the reasons on my previous post. Not sure if you read that post. We need a bigger world? Not necessarily, new servers can be added, also lots of optimizations can be done to make it work. "Itll come with time. It's always coming... with time." is the most pretentious statement I have ever heard and it is extremely ignorant. Time is the biggest enemy of video games nowadays. Look at all the MMORPG games in the past 10 years? How many of them were successful? What did the successful ones do right? A lot of Content and low barrier of entry. This is the rule for every game not just MMORPGs. Look at Fortnite.. Free to play, lots of content and low barrier of entry. I hate Fortnite but I can't avoid the facts that made Fortnite the most successful game in the world. My "whining" is just pointing out that barrier of entry to this game should be lowered. Finally, with regards to time.. Devs need to act fast because it will be too late after Steam release. If those are not dealt with, time will only help you forget about this game.
  • I agree. That was straight to the point and well put. I was just reading the posts in general and called out what I read, whining. I never directed it to anyone, but everyone in general here.
    Lol, love your "burn" too lol
  • Taming was already a serious grind past 90+. I've been taming elk, great harts, spiders, coyote now steadily daily since the patch. I'm averaging .1 gains per 3-4 hrs of game play, taming constantly and this is so rough. I love the new changes to the pets but please adjust the skill gains to move more in line with other combat skills. It was already such a struggle working through the 90's to GM and now it is far too slow. I'd also love to see tamable pets in dungeons that would give skill gains. Thanks for working to balance all the classes!
  • Divinorum said:

    .1 an hour should be the average gains now with the current changes.

    Chronic it's much slower then .1 an hour now particularly after 90+
  • Knotty said:

    Divinorum said:

    .1 an hour should be the average gains now with the current changes.

    Chronic it's much slower then .1 an hour now particularly after 90+
    I have higher expectations and standards for games and this ones now at the bottom of my list. When a game feels like an unrewarding full time job then its time to move on.
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Time to get from 90 to 100 is not a barrier of entry.
    A barrier of entry can be to get to 10, 15 or 20. But to get to GM should be hard, and make you proud of it.
    We don't need everybody to be GM.
  • Sacha said:

    Time to get from 90 to 100 is not a barrier of entry.
    A barrier of entry can be to get to 10, 15 or 20. But to get to GM should be hard, and make you proud of it.
    We don't need everybody to be GM.

    I agree there should be more content for all levels of game play and not just when everybody is GM. Making a skill overpowered should not be an excuse for how hard or tedious it is to level. All skills should feel powerful and have meaning and require the same amount of effort to GM.
  • DiamonasDiamonas Canada
    The taming changes like I said before are just insanely stupid.
    It took me 4 months of doing taming every day to get from 30 to 96.4 and nothing but waving a crook at critters and being slaughtered by reds. because I didn't abuse countless bugs that were present and went unfixed for 4 months. Now as a reward it will take me another 60ish hrs of hell to go from 96.4 to GM.....Hell No. I've got better things to do with my time, nothing should consume that much time considering that's 1 skill out of 3 required to make taming work. Which makes it even more insane grinding...

    I've logged in to pay taxes, hell even my guild barely logs into do that now....
    The player base is shattered, all the Devs are doing is making it worse.
  • Sacha said:

    Time to get from 90 to 100 is not a barrier of entry.
    A barrier of entry can be to get to 10, 15 or 20. But to get to GM should be hard, and make you proud of it.
    We don't need everybody to be GM.

    You can't look at barrier of entry that way. Barrier of entry means your character being relevant in PVP and PVE scene. That means barrier of entry for taming is 94.1 with the current state of the game. Yes, you can use the newly adjusted Dire Bear and Scorpions etc. but not with a serious enemy or a high level monster. But, I would love it if there were strong entities to tame in lower levels of taming that can be used properly for pvp and pve with unique characteristics that can make a difference in gameplay. That is a different way of lowering barrier of entry. But currently, 94.1 or nothing :)
  • How about a 1% chance that a champion animal spawns at a normal spawn point? Would get people running around the world...
  • MofakaMofaka United States
    Taming gains are rough, and its especially rough because the only time you gain is when you grind.
    Literally its just mind numbingly lifting a crook for hours on end, for .3 in gain.
    (81 to 82 took me 8 hours of coyotes/hind/elk post patch)

    This is the whole issue with taming as I see it.
    Its completely worthless to tame anything until direbear, at which point you can actually do things with your tame. There's not enough variety of tames, and combat capable ones at the lower levels.
    But most importantly. You only gain skill when you are actively taming, not when you are out adventuring like every other skill.

    Gaining taming is not organic, it doesn't grow with natural effort, but only by mashing Q and T over and over until your soul is crushed or you hit 94.

    Taming being good for PVE makes sense, and I expect it should be harder than traditional combat skills.
    But finding some way for it to raise while adventuring would make it SO much better.
    I think its a bit OP in PVP, and that could be solved by just making pets do reduced damage to players.
    Which could then open up some variety with pets, training, abilities, and so on.
  • DiamonasDiamonas Canada
    Problem with pets doing reduced damage to players is, as a tamer you spent 300 skill points to get that "Pet" when that pet is Useless in Half the games content, why bother. With that on top of the fact that the skill is worthless until you can tame a Dire Bear, which even then is Meh at best.
  • MorphMorph Denmark
    Tbh the problem with taming really occur when you hit 84ish - the lack of monsters that fit your skill is non-exciting and the lack of doing something funny is out the window.

    When you hit 84 you will be hanging around spiders nest for quite some time.... ZzzzZZzzzz

    I did my tame a month ago. I’m beyond happy that the player base is low because doing spiders nest with just +1 tamer there, and both around 86+ is waste of time, the respawn is LOONG and there are like 10 spiders to tame, two tamers will have tamed all that in 10-15 minutes only to wait 15-20 minutes more for it all to respawn. By that time, we are running around like headless chickens hoping to be the first to spot the spiders as they respawn.

    If a PK is in a bad mode he can camp the spiders and practically make it his place and tames are out. Where to go? Emperor Scorpions, well 5 of those, same respawns time.

    Two things i don't really get - and two things that may help taming being more funny:

    Why not make taming (and all other combat related skills) get a 20% boost in gain while in red dungeons, and on top of that, how about taming Wargs? Why are there no tamable monsters at all in dungeons?

    I do not get why the dark forest do not have wondering spiders so you can run around taming, might even make it an adventure and use the tamed spiders to kill a few tree and get some gold too - same goes for dungeons, make it an adventure not a freaking pain.

    If you had just a bit more fun doing taming it wouldn’t really hurt as bad and your focus will also be swapped from the hefty grind with a bit of monsters slaying.

    The open world need more spawns, seriously needs more (even though they keep saying on twitch they wanna do it right, well fuck yes! look at gazer island that’s the only spawn you made right and the only spawn people camp in the open world - because it works and it’s a good profit to farm!!) Wyverns should be in more places, same goes for dreads, and spiders, emperor scorpions to road the oasis and dark forest
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