Vigor for mages

I am curious just how potent vigor is as a modifier for healing. I mean does it double the healing per bandage or is it only a small amount such as 25% healing increased per bandage? What am I getting is for my pure mage build is it as necessary to take or can I do without vigor and grab another skill instead and yes I want to still heal with bandages as a mage as a buffer.


  • 100 heal and 0 vigor heals for 46
    100 heal and vigor = 256
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    According to the wiki:
    "Healing offers a multiplier which is 0.1 at 0 and 1 at GM. Heal amount is equal to Base (50) + (Vigor *2.5) - Miphon"

    Is this formula up to date?

    will 60% Healing guarantee you will always cure poison?

    If so, maybe a combination of 60 healing + 40 Vigor will work better than just having 100 healing
  • Try it out on the test server if you wanna get a feel for it. Many systems have changed and the wiki is almost worthless.
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