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Give salt reward from Faction player kills...

I play on Crimson Sea, and well, the server is dying pvp wise. Me and my friend have been running around hour after hour, trying to find some pvp faction fight, with no luck. We played at the evening, 2 days ago for 2.5 hour, and we only found 1 from the oposite faction fleeing thru A portal.. not even at the event did we see any.

I now GM'er my 4th guy, i love this game, but i have no reason to log in anymore...

Please add a small salt reward for killing others from the oposite faction, so peeps Will run around in the World looking for figths. Also so there is better change for smal faction fights, like 1v1/2v2/3v3 etc.

/ [DK] Funk
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