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Here goes

Let's give the dev's some positive ideas for combat balances (what, not balanced? Unbelievable)
First off I have no idea how to fix it perfectly, not even close. I myself have always preferred the 2nd class citizens known as melee/archer. My brother plays a mage and I do enjoy the traveling and being healed perks very much and the shame of hitting (I mean swinging not necessarily hitting) mobs over and over to have him come over and blow them up in a short amount of time. Or fighting our way into a dungeon to do battle with the mighty ogre only to find my arrows do 1/2 damage and fighting toe to toe results in being charged by said ogre and damaged for 200 damage then hit again to be killed with over 500 hps thru armor. No chance of actually tanking realistically. (Of course dev's have said armor is fine, 35 at butt naked and 69 with full heavy and +2 with 100 skill points into it) but hey, I can just step aside and let a wyvern bring his pet human in and farm them easily for the joy of it. Now I get how hard it is to level taming and wyverns are a great reward, but we just need to be tougher as a melee than canon fodder. (Please reduce the size of wyverns or let us zoom out more)

Any how I'm done whining. Obviously I'd like to see armor be more effective. Maybe even buff melee dmg at least versus monsters. Not sure why there's no skill for light armor (light armor skill right now = medium armor) and why you have better armor then guys in leather with cloth until they have at least 50 skill. Should be 0 at butt naked at 35 with cloth if you ask me. Also heavy armor needs to go more than 9 whole points higher than leather.

I'd like to throw this idea out which will probably get some hate. Allow stuns and slows by melee skill only. Dont think of this as how badly it might effect certain player types but as a balancing factor only.
Melees have to get up close and personal and if they manage to it should hurt. Charge should require way more combat skills to use. I've had pks with a wyvern use it to zoom up to me so I can be stunned and allow the wyvern to close the gap and destroy me far more often then I've had a melee tear me up with it.

Didn't mean to start a rant. I really want this game to work so I'm honestly hoping for people's ideas on how to make it work for the dev's. Throw them out, good ones, less good ones, etc. If you dont believe check on steam for my posts countering naysayers


  • I was amazed how often my GM melee missed swings at middling monsters - swoosh, swoosh, swoosh... not exactly exciting. Armour is getting some love soon I think - we really need more ores and unique defence charactersitics per ore plus more differentiation in armour and indeed weapons
  • DiamonasDiamonas Canada
    edited June 11
    Naked = 0 Armor
    GM Cloth +2 = 35 Armor
    GM Leather +2 = 50 Armor
    GM Heavy +2 = 75 Armor

    Remove armor skills from the game or rework them so they provide bonuses excluding some bonus Armor class.

    Add chance to parry melee attacks to armor, say 10% on Light and 20% on full heavy, to promote heavy armored warriors "Tanking", etc..
  • Good post, thank you for the suggestions
  • I'd like to see more melee focused requirements for abilities such as shield bash, vanguard, charge etc.. teleporting then shield bashing shouldn't be a thing........
  • Also mages should get a mani spell that gives melee more acc and dmg and swing speed that's high enough skill to actually level mani while playing
  • How about healing others the same as yourself instead of half. Would make melee only dungeon runs alot more enjoyable
  • Just curious. Why do some mobs like ogres get a 50% dmg reduction vrs arrows? But no magic resist? Both are ranged
  • SachaSacha [Reino de Aldor]
    Maybe it's more related to the thickness of their skin, not the ranged part.
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