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Why Magic Affinity?

HodgrimHodgrim Mid-West, USA
I'm honestly curious as to why the devs find it necessary to require mages to have two skills to do any sort of real damage for solo play, when melee and archers need only the one? Mages already have to deal with numerous reagents, of which cannot be crafted in bulk like arrows. I've tried searching the forums for any sort of conversation on the matter and I haven't found anything. Perhaps I can get a more experienced players' two cents?

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  • Archers/melee require vigor and a skill plus armor skill not sure where you get the idea they require less. Dont forget healing skill

    Also stat wise it's far easier to be a mage. U only need int and con So u can go wisdom or will no. Warriors need str agi and con so hard to add the other 2
  • Vigor is dmg bonus like magic affinity
  • HodgrimHodgrim Mid-West, USA
    edited June 10
    Yes, but without vigor, melee and ranged damage does the same amount as evo WITH affinity.. without the affinity my fireball spell does 3-5 damage!

    And I am referring to strictly damage dealing. Healing and what not aside.. Then again, I have not experienced the difference between a non vigored melee strike and a vigored, likewise a vigored/nonvigored heal..
  • edited June 10
    Cuz mages never miss they need handicap.

    Melee misses 90%of the time gm a melee skill and you still feel like a worthless noob.
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